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Katharina Natter

PhD candidate, University of Amsterdam

Katharina’s primary research interests are migration policies (What factors shape the emergence and development of migration policies? To which extent do migration policies impact migration flows?) and the politics of migration (What role does migration play in national foreign policies and international relations? How do politics and society interact in the framing of migration?). Due to her personal and academic background, Katharina mainly works on these questions in the European and North African context, herewith trying to integrate both sending and receiving country perspectives in migration research.


Katharina holds a MPhil in Compared Political Science with a minor in Middle East-North African studies from Sciences Po, Paris (2012) and a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in European studies from Sciences Po, Nancy (2010). In her Master thesis entitled 'The formation of Morocco’s policy towards irregular migration (2000-2007): An investigation on migration policies in transit states and public policy making outside the liberal-democratic context', she analysed the formation of Morocco’s policy towards irregular migration via a public policy approach, paying particular attention to embracing the Moroccan perspective on the issue.

During her undergraduate degree, she spent one year in Cairo, improving her Arabic and working for the Egyptian supplement of the International Herald Tribune, the Daily News Egypt. Before joining IMI as a Research Assistant, Katharina worked on migration related issues during her traineeships at the European Commission (Brussels), the International Center for Migration Policy Development (Vienna), the French Institute for International Relations (Paris) and the Bertelsmann Stiftung (Berlin). Katharina is also actively involved in Asylos, an NGO researching country of origin information for lawyers representing asylum seekers in European courts. She speaks German, French, English and intermediate Arabic.

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