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Evelyn teaches on the MSc in Migration Studies. She convenes a Paper on Methods in Social Research which covers conceptualisation, measurement, key methods in migration studies and an introduction to statistics. She co-convenes an options course on ‘citizenship in the context of immigration and emigration’.

Evelyn Ersanilli

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, VU University Amsterdam.

  • Associate member of Nuffield College

Evelyn Ersanilli's research interests include migration policy development, citizenship, identity of migrants and their descendants, migrant family life and research methods. Most of her work has a cross-national comparative angle. She uses both qualitative and quantitative research methods and has been involved in data collection in a dozen countries.


Evelyn has a PhD in Sociology (VU University Amsterdam) and an MSc in Interdisciplinary Social Science (Utrecht University).

For her PhD thesis 'Comparing Integration. Host Country Adoption and Ethnic Retention of Turkish Immigrants and their Descendants in France, Germany and the Netherlands', she investigated the effects of different integration policy models on the socio-cultural integration of immigrants. The thesis is based on original data from a telephone survey and in-depth interviews.

Before coming to IMI in 2010, she worked as a Senior Researcher at the Migration, Integration and Transnationalization unit of the Social Science Research Centre in Berlin (WZB). In 2008 she co-ordinated the data collection for the Six Country Immigrant Integration Comparative Survey (SCIICS), a telephone survey in six European countries among people of Turkish and Moroccan descent and a native reference group.

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