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Geraldine has joined ODID as a DPhil student with ‘The remittance debate reconsidered: Reverse remittance practice among Ghanaian migrants in the UK and their relatives in Ghana’ as her proposed research title. She is supervised by Hein de Haas and Oliver Bakewell.

Geraldine Asiwome AdikuResearch Focus

Geraldine’s research explores South to North transnational transfers between migrants and their relatives in origin countries. She uses Bourdieu’s conceptualisation of capital (social, cultural and economic) to understand the role of socio-economic backgrounds in shaping not only the nature but the direction of flows between migrants and their relatives. She contends that transnational economic exchanges between migrants and their relatives are not always uni-directional, that is, from the migrant in the Global North to family members in the Global South. They are reciprocal and they alternate depending on the standard of living of both migrants and their relatives in origin countries.


Geraldine holds a BA and an MPhil in Sociology from the University of Ghana. For her MPhil, she investigated transnational family arrangements among Ghanaians. Before joining ODID, she worked as a teaching assistant at the Department of Sociology, University of Ghana.