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O.K. Frempong (2003)

Push and Pull Factors in Rural-Urban Migration: A Case Study of the Akim Awisa

PhD thesis.

This dissertation examines the factors that push individuals from Akim Awisa, a township within the Birim South District in the Eastern Region of Ghana, to migrate to the urban areas. In the beginning of the work the author provides an overview of the used methodology and theories and presents a background to the study area. Afterwards the research findings are presented. They indicate among others that the lack of employment opportunities and adequate educational infrastructure mainly pushed individuals to migrate from the Akim Awisa area. The author further indicates that networks between migrated or returned friends and relatives are responsible for the information flows on possible destination areas and that they influence the decision making process of prospective migrants. The study also seeks to examine the measures that the citizens of Akim Awisa suggest as being a mean through which migration can be controlled in their area. The author indicated that the majority of the respondents held the view that creation of job opportunities, revamping of collapsed industries and credit facilities for commercial activities especially large scale farming for the citizens of the area would trigger a return of migrants to their hometown. The author further indicates that the expansion of educational facilities such as secondary, vocational and training schools would attract even more individuals from other places to come and live in the Akim Awisa area.

Eastern Region of Ghana Akim Awisa rural-urban migration push-pull factors decision making process employment opportunities education social networks
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